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  How to be successful in MLM Business
1. The first thing you need to know before you join any network marketing company is that they must have their policies and procedures in plain view for the public to read. This means that it should be accessible from their website without asking for it. If they are accessible for you to read they should be between 5-10 pages. The document should be clear and easy to understand. If you have to ask for it and then find out that they are 100 pages long this should give you the clue that this company might be trying to hide something from you. Nobody reads policies that are hundreds of pages long!
2. The second thing you need to look for is leadership integrity. The leaders of the company should be people who want to build people. You will not succeed in a company where integrity is based on money and money alone. Greed and ego is the downfall of many companies.
3. The third thing you need to look for is the compensation plan. If the compensation plan is designed in such a way that you only can earn money by recruiting, not by retailing, then you have to know that this compensation plan will never allow you to make recurring income. You will have to build your business for ever. You cannot retire with this kind of compensation plan. When you stop building you stop earning.
4. The fourth thing you need to have is a remarkable product that people will buy regardless of the company’s opportunity. They are just costumers who like the product regardless of where and how they can purchase it because the product is beneficial for them.
5. The fifth thing you need to know before you join a company is its timing in the business.
6. The last thing you need to know but not least is that the system that your company is using must be duplicatable. People who join a company want to know 2 things: Can I do this? And can you teach me? With a duplicatable system you will be able to teach the person to duplicate what you are doing. A duplicatable system is a system that anybody can use and have success with. When you have learned to apply those principles in your quest for a successful business you will be able to achieve what you are anticipating. Learning the craft of being aware before you start working the business is essential for your success
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